Ideas for Pergola Designs: How do you Design a Pergola for your Garden Decor?

You may be dreaming about transforming your garden or your outdoor spaces into a charming and peaceful haven of bliss and solace. The most aesthetic and creative way of changing your garden into the most attractive part of your home is to design a pergola that will be laden with thriving outdoor plants like some gorgeous climbers. So choose one from the many pergola design ideas, which are amply available these days and get hold of the useful tips that will let you know about how to design a pergola.

Construction and use

Out of all the interesting features in a garden, a pergola happens to quite an attractive one. Usually a pergola is made of beams only, without having a roof or any wall just as an archway. It is often designed as a separate space for unwinding or relaxation wrapped with lush green garden plants. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to fix the screws and bolts firmly while making your pergola so that it remains at its place during the extreme conditions caused by the elements of nature.

Ideas for Pergola designs

Pergola along the walkway: You can go for covering your pergola with colourful fresh flowering plants, which will adorn your pergola with vibrant natural hues. Just built your pergola as an extending walkway and decorate it with beautiful flowers so that as you gradually move along the walkway you behold the attractive array of flowers and breathe in their fresh aroma.

Pergola with Fresh Flowers

Pergola as a dining space in your patio: You can also turn your pergola into a classic one by decorating it with a table and cozy garden chairs or make it your dining area by arranging it fittingly with designer furnishings that can complement your pergola design aptly. You can also go for building it over a deck to make it more striking – the most gorgeous feature of your garden, or create it as a romantic shaded zone in a peaceful corner of your lawn.


 Pergola at the backyard: Built your pergola at the backyard or over a depressed courtyard in the front part of your home using it according to your need – you can use it to greet your guests warmly or to enjoy a delicious brunch with your family and friends.


Pergola at the balcony or terrace: If you have protracted balcony above the ground level of your home will also be converted wondrously into the most interesting feature of your home with the incorporation of a pergola. You can also have on at your terrace. It provides a unique space for barbeques and parties.


Pergola at the terrace

By now you have got some idea about how to design a pergola. So without wasting time, design the pergola of your dream and make your home a beautiful abode of happiness and peace.

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