Amitabh Bachchan’ s Jalsa: Celebrity Homes

‘Jalsa’, one of the prominent landmarks of Mumbai, the home of one of the biggest Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan. This was initially the home of the noted film maker NC Sippy during the 70’s. Later on, the entire Bachchan family shifted here. Prior to Jalsa, they were living in Prateeksha. Lets have a look at Amitabh Bachchan’ s Jalsa in the pics given below:

The House: Jalsa

Jalso is a two-storied house, of a total area of 10,125 sq ft. It has become an identity of Mumbai and it has become a ritual for Amtabh’s fans to have a glimpse of him. Jalso is infact a fascination of all Bollywood fans. The superstar is said to have 5 houses in Mumbai itself. However, Jalsa is the mansion where the whole family resides.

The house looks beautiful at night
Jalsa's Front Look
Jalsa’s Front Look Outside the gate where his fans wait for him to have his glimpse

Jalsa’s Interiors

It’s indeed a connoisseur of everyone’s eyes. Right from the living room to study, to bedroom to other rooms, each room has its unique style. Being a great lover of art, his house has paintings from some of the most renowned painters in the world. A particular room has been highlighted with traditional Tanjore painting. Let’s have a glimpse here…

A floor-to-ceiling Tanjore Painting at Jalsa
This is a portion of the study room where one half is filled with pics for memories and the other half with books
The living room…spacious, well-lit, simple and elegant with French Windows all around
Jalsa’s one of the bedrooms. With matching furniture and furnishings, the look of the bedrooms is really cozy with a rich appearance.
This is Jalsa’s big lawn where big B has some relaxing moments

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