How to Use Artificial Grass for your Home, Garden and Patio Decor?

You can drape your garden with this natural-looking artificial garden turf or artificial grass and make it look as good and fresh as real grass. It can also be used to beautify your interiors

Your garden is a solace for you, be it in early mornings or at late evenings or during any time of the day. This is the place where you can spend some time either in contemplation or together with your family. There are different elements in your garden that complement its entire look and make it the most peaceful and striking part of your home. The most attractive element in your garden, which wraps it with a fresh and vibrant look each day, is the luxuriant green turf that covers your garden. In order to make your beautiful garden look more stunning you can go for some artificial grass for garden use, which are widely available across the leading manufacturers of artificial grass.

Beautify Your Garden Space with Artificial Grass
Beautify Your Garden Space with Artificial Grass

Uses of Artificial Grass

You can enjoy touching the fresh morning dews or you can relax by yourself under the cool shade of a tree on your favourite hammock on a stretch of artificial garden turf.

Artificial grass garden decor

This beautiful stretch of green makes your garden more beautiful and also turns your experience of unwinding amidst nature into a more interesting one. The advanced technology of artificial outdoor flooring has become so popular worldwide that artificial turf has also been described as not being able to be distinguished from natural grass even when looked at from a very close distance.

Artificial garden turf in children play area

Artificial garden turf is ideal for regular use, and apart from being eco-friendly, this synthetically produced artificial garden grass is also safe for children. So you can let your children play safely in your garden without getting worried about their health and hygiene. Even your pets can also safely move over artificial grass for garden use and so you can always opt for using artificial turf in your garden.


Artificial grass in patio

You can also enclose your patio  with new artificial turfs.

Artificial grass in patio

Indoor Artificial Grass Carpet

In some homes, you can find artificial grass as indoor carpets.  It looks so very unique and elegant.


Artificial grass wall carpet

Last but not the least, you can also beautify the walls of your home with artificial grass.

Artificial grass wall decor

Durability of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass, is made from premium quality synthetic fibers and wears the look of natural grass. It is quite simple to maintain artificial grass, or you can also say, almost zero maintenance is required if you go for putting artificial grass in your garden. Artificial turf is also resistant to different types of changes in weather conditions so there is no question or doubt about its durability.

Go for some natural-looking turf and let your garden remain ever fresh and beautiful.

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Ideas for Pergola Designs: How do you Design a Pergola for your Garden Decor?

You may be dreaming about transforming your garden or your outdoor spaces into a charming and peaceful haven of bliss and solace. The most aesthetic and creative way of changing your garden into the most attractive part of your home is to design a pergola that will be laden with thriving outdoor plants like some gorgeous climbers. So choose one from the many pergola design ideas, which are amply available these days and get hold of the useful tips that will let you know about how to design a pergola.

Construction and use

Out of all the interesting features in a garden, a pergola happens to quite an attractive one. Usually a pergola is made of beams only, without having a roof or any wall just as an archway. It is often designed as a separate space for unwinding or relaxation wrapped with lush green garden plants. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to fix the screws and bolts firmly while making your pergola so that it remains at its place during the extreme conditions caused by the elements of nature.

Ideas for Pergola designs

Pergola along the walkway: You can go for covering your pergola with colourful fresh flowering plants, which will adorn your pergola with vibrant natural hues. Just built your pergola as an extending walkway and decorate it with beautiful flowers so that as you gradually move along the walkway you behold the attractive array of flowers and breathe in their fresh aroma.

Pergola with Fresh Flowers

Pergola as a dining space in your patio: You can also turn your pergola into a classic one by decorating it with a table and cozy garden chairs or make it your dining area by arranging it fittingly with designer furnishings that can complement your pergola design aptly. You can also go for building it over a deck to make it more striking – the most gorgeous feature of your garden, or create it as a romantic shaded zone in a peaceful corner of your lawn.


 Pergola at the backyard: Built your pergola at the backyard or over a depressed courtyard in the front part of your home using it according to your need – you can use it to greet your guests warmly or to enjoy a delicious brunch with your family and friends.


Pergola at the balcony or terrace: If you have protracted balcony above the ground level of your home will also be converted wondrously into the most interesting feature of your home with the incorporation of a pergola. You can also have on at your terrace. It provides a unique space for barbeques and parties.


Pergola at the terrace

By now you have got some idea about how to design a pergola. So without wasting time, design the pergola of your dream and make your home a beautiful abode of happiness and peace.

Swings and Hammocks For Your Home Outdoor Decoration

Swings and Hammocks are one of the best ways to decorate your home’s outdoor area.

You can decorate the interiors of your home to any extent or according to your liking but the outdoor areas of your home also need the same amount of attention from your end to be adorned beautifully for looking as nicer as possible. For focusing on the decoration of the outdoor areas of your home, which will not only enhance the look of your outdoors but will also balance off your aesthetically embellished indoors are the different types of outdoor furniture that are available widely across all major furniture showrooms and websites. Some of the most comfortable of these outdoor furniture are the latest range of hammocks and swings that will not only enrich the look of outdoors but will also provide you with the most blissful and enjoyable experience of relaxation each time you will be using these.


There are different types of swings and hammock that come in a wide variety of styles, looks, materials and prices, this category of outdoor furniture being extremely useful and comfortable. You can decorate your veranda or patio with an elegant and traditional wooden swing or can just place a stylish and colourful iron swing at your backyard. You can also go for keeping a single-seater cushioned swing at your extended balcony or place a nicely covered two-seater swing on your terrace.

Wooden swing in outer area

You can also opt for a wicker swing with a stand in case if you dont prefer a hanging one. Just snuggle with a book and a blanket and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. And if you want to get naughty with your partner, go ahead….who is stopping you?

Wicker Swing on a Stand

From enjoying the morning tea to chatting over phone and from reading your favourite book to watch your children playing on it – a swing will add life to your home. Loved by all in the family, from the little kids to the old grandparents, these swings, when placed at your home, will truly make your experience of relaxation a fun-filled one.


These days, hammocks, either made of polyester or cotton rope, come in a number of styles often with a sturdy and smart-looking hammock stand. In fact, hammock stands are also available as separate units for sale, these being enough strong and safe enough to carry a considerable amount of weight. So, you need not keep one only on the outer part of your home in your garden area or at your backyard, but you can also put one on your terrace or in a spacious balcony. It will be real fun for your kids and the rest of your family as well to enjoy some hours of leisure and fun on such a hammock.

Mexican Mayan Hammock for the entire family


So buy from the latest range of attractive swings and hammocks to complement the stylish look of your interiors and to make your outdoors your ultimate haven for relaxation and fun.

bird baths for garden decor

Decorative Bird Baths To Beautify Your Garden

If you are looking for some new element to add into your garden or outdoor area for making it more attractive and beautiful then you need to go for something that will make you feel closer to nature and at the same time will also enhance the splendor of your garden or outdoor area, which undeniably includes your terrace also. One such element perfect for your outdoor or garden decoration is a bird bath, which can transform the look of your garden wondrously by adding a natural element into it. In fact, with some bird baths you can fill your garden area with the lively chirpings of some of the most amazing creations thriving on Earth.

Bird Baths for Garden Decoration

Bird baths are artificial basins filled with water, which can be used by the birds for bathing and for drinking water as well. Bird baths are some of the most gorgeous outdoor garden decoration items and can be used aesthetically to adorn garden areas and turn them into an exotic wildlife zone.

Uses of Bird Baths

By incorporating some bird baths as a part of your garden décor you can attract different types of birds into your garden all round the year, mostly during the hot summer months and even when there is a scarcity of rain. A bird bath is a fresh and constant source of water for the birds and for this reason you can feel and enjoy the presence of the most beautiful companions of nature 365 days a year.

Materials and designs available for bird baths

You can buy your bird baths, which you can either order or purchase from stores or from even online ecommerce websites. You can go for the usual concrete bird baths made from molds or select from an exhaustive range of beautiful bird baths made of marble, glass, plastic, metals or mosaic tiles. In order to make your bird bath more attractive you can go for the bird baths that are attached with some extra adornments or features like a fountain or a natural landscape formed with boulders or stones. You can place your bird baths on columns or on stands across all those corners and parts of your garden or terrace where you can attract maximum number of birds.

This is a ceramic bowl used as a bird bath and it stands on a recycled table or chair leg.

ceramic bird bath

Here we have a tall stone cast garden bird bath

Tall stone cast garden bird bath

One easy way to make a colourdul bird bath is by using clay pots and a teracotta plate. Stack 3-4 clay pots of different sizes over each other. Glue them one after the other.  On the top most pot glue a terracotta saucer. Your bird bath is ready. You can use different colours or retain the original teracotta colour. This will look amazing in your home garden.

Teracotta and clay pot bird baths

Useful tips

 If you fill your bird baths with water up to a level of 2 inches it will be enough for the birds as they do not immerse their bodies completely in water but just soak their wings. If you want to go for bigger water basins or bird baths you can go for those that have perch islands. This type of bird baths will not only attract more number of birds but will also keep away other unwanted and predator animals from getting closer to birds.

Place your bird baths according to your convenience and make your garden or terrace look more stunning than before.

Tips to Use Decorative Wall Clocks To Beautify The Walls of Your Home

You can now make your home more beautiful by decorating your rooms with various types of attractive and gorgeous decorative wall clocks.

You desire your home to be the most beautiful place in the world – filled with the colours of your dream and with the adornments of your imagination. Well, you will be glad and really excited to know that even with the simple objects and items of decoration, you can decorate the home of your desire. Some of these items, which may often seem like a simple object of daily use, but can be sensibly incorporated as a part of your home décor, are the wide varieties of premium wall clocks.

Types of Wall Clocks 

It is really quite interesting that even simple wall clocks can be used as decorative items to embellish the interiors of your home. These days the attractive range of trendy and stylish wall clocks that you would be getting at all the leading clock showrooms and even at the top e-commerce websites are ideal for your interiors if you use these as home décor products. This smart range of wall clocks can change the look of your home completely adding to the beautiful décor of your rooms. Wall clocks come in different styles, designs and sizes ranging from the large clocks that have an antique look, the designer wall clocks that exude a rich classy look, and the colourful and variedly shaped wall clocks that are manufactured to be used exclusively by the kids.

Wall Clock Decoration Ideas

Old Grandfather’s clock

Decorate your living room with a designer wall clock like an old grandfather’s clock according to the décor of your living room.

grandfather old clock

Add elegance to your interiors with a stylish and smart-looking wall clock to complement the modern interiors of your home.

Modern Interiors Wall Clock

Place a huge and colourful wall clock in your kid’s room and make it the most favourite part of your home exclusively for your kids. These clocks, which you can use to decorate your kid’s room, come in attractive shapes and designs, which include the sun, stars, flowers, human figures and various other interesting shapes and forms.

children wall clock

If you believe in simplicity put a beautiful heart or bird wall clock, or a simple yet gorgeous number wall clock, and make your bedroom look great.

Number Wall Clock in Bedroom

The photo frame wall clock in the bedroom or living room looks great. It servers the purpose of a clock and at the same time enhance the look of the dull space with some wonderful memories. Infact this style of clock has become very popular in modern homes.

photoframe wall clock

Another popular trend is the wall stickers wall clocks. Like wall papers, it can be pasted on the wall. You get a variety of styles and prints to choose from.

wall sticker wall clock

Tips to Decorate Corner Spaces in Bedroom: Bedroom Corner Decorative Items

It is very essential that when you decorate your bedroom, you also have to consider ways of utilising the corner space of the bedroom, which otherwise remain empty and is a big space waste. There are various decorative and useful accessories that can be used to integrate the corners into the whole decoration of your bedroom.

Decorative Items to decorate your bedroom corner space

We give below some excellent ideas in which you can utilise the corners of your bedroom to give a highlighted look:

Go for Shelves

One common and useful way is to place a series of small shelves. This can be a book shelf or a shelf with night stand or just decorative shelves to keep some nice pictures and artifacts. A corner shelf in the bedroom can be a nice area to display as well as a very useful element.

corner shelf in the bedroom

How about a coat stand?

If the space is small but you really do not want to waste the space, then go for a long sleek coat stand. This will utilise the space, make it look good and will also help to hang your clothes, bags and other stuff.

coat stand in the corner

Study table corner

Create your own personal corner space in the bedroom with a small table for study or placing your laptop or book reading corner. This will not only make the space look good but also will give you sense of tranquility to pass your time in the corner of your bedroom for some time and to relax.

study table corner in the bedroom

Beanbag corner

If you want, you can simply place a bean bag in that corner. These bean bags are available in various shapes, colours and sizes. These bags are cool and cosy and create a very decorative comfortable space in your bedroom.

bean-bag corner in the bedroom

Mirror Corner in the Bedroom

At a corner of your bedroom, just at the foot or head of the bed, you can place a large, leaning mirror at a corner. Having a well-designed mirror in this area can bring interest to it.

Mirror Corner in the Bedroom

Corner Lamps in the Bedroom

One most easy way is to keep a corner lamp in the corner of your bedroom. This can be a long lamp or a soft table lamp placed on a table in the corner or some hanging lamps. This is one of the most sober ways of highlighting a space and make your room look attractive.

Corner Lamps in the Bedroom

Gazebo For Relaxation In Your Outdoor Garden, Types and Designs of Gazebos

Your outdoor garden is the most attractive part of your home, which allows you to relax and unwind in a peaceful natural setting. It is thus quite essential to make it the most beautiful part of your home and for this you need to adorn it aesthetically. As such you can opt for including the various outdoor garden furniture and features that will enhance the beauty of your garden and will become the most exquisite feature of your garden drawing the attention of your family members as well as that of your guests. One such unique element that will create a pure romantic environment placed within just a couple of steps away from your indoor area is a gazebo.

garden-gazebo-at-the outerspace

Usefulness of Gazebo

A gazebo is a separately built yet integral part of a garden, which stands as a special feature in a garden making it a really charming place to relax and enjoy. A gazebo will make your garden ideal for any kind of an outdoor activity. You can explore and enjoy the beauties of nature prevailing around you from the gazebo or incorporate it smartly during all types of events – be it a family get-together, a corporate meeting or a special wedding.

Types and Designs of Gazebos

There are different types of gazebos, which you can incorporate as a part of your garden décor and even your garden furniture. These comprise of pergolas, pavilions, follies, kiosks and various others. You can term a gazebo as a garden house, which you can design and built according to your preference and liking. Your gazebo can contain any number of sides and can be built with any material. You can use bricks, stones and even wood to build your gazebo and adorn it with attractive plants such as the garden climbers. After all, it is your own special place to enjoy solace and so you can decorate it according to your choice.

Exquisiteness of Gazebo

You can built your gazebo as a free structure or fix it to your garden wall or even at terraces with gardens. Your gazebo will have all of its sides open with a beautiful roof. Not only useful but standing also as a pictorial feature in your garden your gazebo will undoubtedly become the most favourite part of your home not only for you but for your family as well. It will provide you shelter and shade making it a charming retreat near the humdrum chaos of busy city life, but at the same time, away from those.


Some More Designs to Look out for

Gazebo in your balcony
Gazebo in your balcony

Design and create your own gazebo and augment the charm of your own peaceful haven, which is your outdoor garden.

Bamboo Plant Decor for Fortune, Health, Wealth and Prosperity in your home or office

The bamboo plant is an important Feng Shui symbol and known to bring good luck qualities. Nowadays, interior decor of a home is incomplete without a bamboo plant decor. According to Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo brings prosperity and fortune to those who keep it. Bamboo plant is a very powerful Feng Shui element for your indoors as well as a decor item.

The luck bamboo only needs to have fresh water once a week and doesn’t need sunlight or any other requirements to survive and be healthy. It is a strong plant, which could live for many years by just having its water replaced. This plant is also visually attractive. It is of a jade color and is strong yet flexible. The lucky bamboo plant brings lively chi energy into your home. Is also ideal for business or for any strategic places indicated by the bagua map.

Bamboo plant should represent five elements

To use Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui, the plant must represent all five elements of Feng Shui: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The bamboo stalk represents the wood, and the water it is grown in obviously symbolizes the water. To represent earth, put some pebbles. To represent metal, add some coins in the vase. Finally, tie a red ribbon around the vase to represent the fire element.


Meaning of the number of bamboo stalks

The total number of stalks in your Lucky Bamboo arrangements is very significant

  • 1 = Simplicity and a meaningful life.
  • 2 = Double luck, happy relationships; good number.
  • 3 = Good for prosperity and fertility. If used with a curly (money) stalk in the middle, it means wealth. Very popular.
  • 4 = Academic achievement, creativity, writing, Romance
  • 5 = Happiness, good and balanced luck in all aspects of life. Very popular.
  • 6 = Easy money, wealth, good flow of luck.
  • 7 = Good luck and prosperity in relationships.
  • 8 = Good luck and fertility. Very popular.
  • 9 = Good health, prosperity and love life.
  • 10 = Completeness and fulfillment in life.
  • 11 = Good all-around luck. Very popular

Bamboo plants types

Where to place bamboo plant?

The placement of the bamboo plant within your home is of great significance if you want to use Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui. The Eastern section of your home represents family in Feng Shui, so you can place a Bamboo plant with three stalks in this area. If you want to invite wealth into your life, the plant should be placed in the wealth area of your home, that is the Southeast.

  • The east corner of the house is the best place to keep a bamboo plant.
  • Do not keep it under direct sunlight.
  • A bamboo plant should be kept in a transparent container. This is because you need to see its roots.
  • Do not use a bamboo plant with stems that are yellow or dark green in colour.
  • The planter should also consist of all these five elements namely earth, metal, wood, water and fire


Beautify your Garden Decor with Bonsai Plants: Outdoor Garden Bonsai Plants

If you are always in the lookout for exquisite and exclusive garden or outdoor décor products, some of the best possible options for you are the outdoor garden plants, which can augment the charm of your outdoor garden and make green outdoor space look more beautiful. Some of the most exotic outdoor garden plants that you can grow for your garden decor are the outdoor Bonsai trees. In fact, most of the Bonsai trees should be kept outdoors, and for this reason, you can choose from a wide variety of options of Bonsai trees to decorate your outdoor garden in the most pleasant manner. The commonest Bonsai trees that you can ideally grow as your outdoor garden plants include Maple, Juniper, Elm, Beech, Cedar, Ginkgo, Birch, Cypress and Larch. Bonsai plants can also be kept indoors but due care should be taken.

Importance of Climatic Conditions

You have to keep your Bonsai trees outdoors so that these can be exposed to all weather conditions and seasonal changes. If you can provide your Bonsai trees with relatively high humid conditions, your Bonsai trees can grow wonderfully and remain fresh and beautiful all round the year. However, you have to choose and keep your outdoor Bonsai tree in accordance with the climatic conditions that you can provide to it. The species of Bonsai trees that you can in your garden keep depends upon the local climatic conditions that you can provide for the proper growth of these outdoor garden plants.

Sizes of Bonsai Plants

Your Bonsai trees can be grown and arranged in an extensive number of sizes, which vary from 6 inches to 3 feet and the sizes vary according to the species that you are choosing to adorn your outdoor garden. If you want to grow your Bonsai tree from a cutting or seeding you can begin by growing a shorter one. It is better always to grow your Bonsais from cuttings since it is easier and faster to grow Bonsai from cuttings than from seeds. Also choose the size of the pot as not so big and not so small, according to the size of your Bonsai tree.

Types of Bonsai Trees According to Climatic Conditions

If you can provide subtropical climactic conditions to your Bonsai plants you can keep Olive, Mulberry, Pomegranate or Chinese Elm in your outdoor garden. Mediterranean Juniper, Japanese Black Pine, Asian Hackberry and bald Cypress can also be grown easily in such climactic conditions. But if you can really provide pleasant wintry conditions you can grow some Trident or Japanese maples in your open air garden. You can also grow apples and cherries if you can offer your Bonsai trees cool and soothing climactic conditions.

Trident Maple Bonsai
Japanese maple bonsai plants
Japanese maple bonsai plants
Look of a Bonsai Garden

So this season choose from an extensive range of outdoor Bonsai trees and make it the most adorable part of your home.

Beautify the Interiors of Your Home with Tribal Crafts

Handcrafted items are used as home décor products by people worldwide and an exotic range of tribal crafts is also part of these handmade home décor products used by art lovers across the globe. If you too love to decorate your home and buy various types of home décor items to adorn your home aesthetically and sensibly, it is undeniable that you do have a couple of handmade home décor products at your possession. So next time, whenever you think of including another handmade object into your collection of handmade home décor items go for some exquisite tribal crafts products to decorate your home in an unique manner. The decorative tribal crafts that are used extensively across homes worldwide include tribal pottery, tribal metal craft, wooden tribal craft, decorative ivory artwork and many other.

Tribal craft home decor
Tribal craft home decor

Some Popular Tribal Crafts Include the following


The art of pottery making has been an integral part of tribal craft since prehistoric times when human beings lived like nomads, resided in caves, and then started to settle down to commence the beginning of human civilization worldwide. From Indian to African and from Chinese to American, pottery as home décor products, which includes exquisite earthenware, stoneware and porcelain, have been since ages and till day, are being used across homes worldwide. You can also choose and buy from an exotic range of tribal pottery items and augment the charm of your home.


Metal tribal craft

Metal tribal craft items, which include stunning metal statuettes, figurines and wall hangings and are also used extensively as home decorative items. From age-old classic designs to contemporary approaches, each piece is made exclusively to endow it with an elegant look – perfect for decorating your home. Be it a modern one or a traditional one, your home will look equally good as these tribal metal craft items ideally complement the look of every type of a home.


Wooden tribal craft

Wooden tribal craft items are equally beautiful if you compare them with the other types of tribal craftwork. Unique wood carvings, which comprise of white wood carvings, are available at all leading handicrafts stores, which you can artistically incorporate as a part of your home décor.


Ivory items

Ivory items have been in use as exclusive home décor products across all households since ages. From remarkable gorgeous antique items to fine-looking contemporary pieces – a wide range of tribal ivory items is found extensively across all handicrafts stores. In fact, you can find and buy from an extensive collection of tribal craft items whenever you travel to some tribal area, which is famous for various types of indigenous tribal craftwork.

Tribal Crafts


So add to the glamour of your home by including from an exclusive range of lovely tribal crafts items and make your home more beautiful.